Notify your entire workforce in less than 1 minute

Select the client, job type and enter details about the position and click create. It’s that simple. As soon as you hit create, all relevant workers will be instantly notified on their devices.

Get responses in minutes not hours

Our software allows your recruiters to receive responses and locations from all interested workers at once, so they can chose the right candidate, not just the first people that say yes.

Insight into arrival to jobsite

Once the right candidates have been chosen, StafQuik shows you their travel progress and replaces them as candidates if they fail to go to work. Never hear about “no shows” from clients again!

Reduce “time-to-fill” by as much as 70%

Case studies have shown that using StafQuik instead of current deployment processes, reduced “time-to-fill” by as much as 70%. On average, companies were capturing 1.25 additional billable hours each time they deployed a worker using StafQuik, immediately realizing over 100 additional billable hours per week with the same headcount.

Eliminate 99% of all “No Shows”!

With our software based solution, we are able to leverage GPS technology to inform recruiters of the location of their workers. This way, your team can make a better decision of who to place as well as knowing if there is an issue with positions being filled, before getting calls from clients.

Increase your bottom line over $100,000 per recruiter annually

When you can reduce “time-to-fill” by as much as 70% that results in a $33,000 payroll saving/year. Add in the ability to capture as many as 100 additional billable hours/week with the same internal headcount, you get $78,000 additional revenue/year. That's a TOTAL VALUE PROPOSITION = $100,000+/YEAR!

Improved client and worker retention

Workers easily getting matched to the right job. Clients getting all positions filled without any "no-shows". It's a total win-win. And that makes for happy workers and even happier clients.

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